There are many myths about our eyesight.  But some of the things we have heard are true.How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. - Anne Dilliard
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Facts and Fiction About Eyesight

Here are some myths and facts regarding vision.


There are many myths about our eyesight.  But some of the things we have heard are true.


Eating carrots improves your vision. A vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness and carrots have vitamin A, but there is no benefit to your eyesight if you do not have a vitamin A deficiency. On the other hand, some studies have shown that vitamin E can be beneficial to your eyesight.

Reading in the Dark

Reading in the dark is bad for your eyes.

Watching TV

Watching television while sitting close to the set is bad for your eyes.

Crossing Your Eyes

Crossing your eyes too much will cause you to be permanently crossed eyed.


Squinting causes worsened vision. (Actually squinting can help people see without glasses.)

Pinhole Glasses

You can improve your vision with pinhole glasses. Actually, pinhole glasses will help you to focus. But unless you use them for a significant time each day and also do the accompanying exercises, you eyesight will not improve. The good news is that if you are diligent, your eyesight may improve.

Cataract Surgery

Modern cataract surgery is done by laser. Many types of eye surgery are done by laser but not cataract surgery. This is carried out using an ultrasound probe.


Eye Sight Myths

The Sun

Staring directly at the sun can damage your eyes. Solar retinopathy is macular damage caused by gazing at the sun. This most commonly occurs during solar eclipses and in hallucinogenic abusers (LSD). Looking at the sun during an eclipse does not cause your eyes to hurt like looking directly at the sun does. But it will cause irreparable damage to your eyes. Likewise, LSD users may not realize they are staring at the sun until it is too late.

Staring at the sun during sunrise or sunset is safe to do.

Reading Too Much

Extensive reading can make you near-sighted (myopic). Several studies have shown that extensive near work is associated with myopia (near-sightedness)



Old Pirate's Myth

According to an old pirate myth, gold earrings can improve vision. The reason, they said, was because the gold would go through an acupuncture point. But we make no claims as to the validity of this idea.


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